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Fair Haven PTA Committees

Annual Fundraiser 2019-2020
Chair:   Meredith Megaw and Kelly Gaun

All Aboard Luncheon - April 25th at Rumson Country Club RiverHouse

Diverse Learners Organization
Chair:   Shari Gagliardo for 2019-20

The Diverse Learners Organization committee is a group of PTA parents who are dedicated to enhancing the education of children who have different learning styles. 

It hosts impactful activities during the school year. It is also an active participant in the Two River Friends of Differenet Learners, a regional group which meets monthly to share stories and resources. 

We have a monthly support group with the other school districts of the Tri-River FODL.  Meeting location and times at TBD.

For more information on FODL activities and meetings, please visit Two River Friends of Different Learners

Life Skills
Chair:   Katie Gay
Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
Chair:   Christine Hayden and Kerry Maguire

This is a week-long celebration at the beginning of May to celebrate the wonderful job our teachers do every day. The PTA provides breakfast, lunch, and goodies for the teachers throughout that week and also provides small tokens of appreciation that are raffled off as door prizes at each event. Volunteers are needed to arrange the food, purchase and distribute the gifts and treats.

This is a great committee to serve on to show your child's teacher how much you appreciate them.  

Held this year May 4-8th, 2020.

Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
5th Grade Manners & Mingling
Chair:   Katie Gay for 2019-20
Babysitting Task Force
Chair:   Megan Pelino-Whalen and Allie Morrison for 2019-20

The Babysitting Course is a FREE program designed to instruct partipants in general first aid for emergencies both in and out of the home, plus provide an introduction to general child care. A general presentation is followed by small group break-out sessions covering: basic first aid and how to prevent injuries, how to keep children and themselves safe, how to entertain children and how to prevent dangerous situations/call for emergency help if necessary. 

8th Grade Dance Liaison
Chair:   Jeanette Hogan for 2019-2020

The 8th-grade Graduation Dance will be on June 17, 2019 at Sickles School.

Art Appreciation Days - K thru 5th Grade
Chair:   Christine Braceland, Jodie Martignoni

A day parents come in and serve as art docents providing presentations and projects on a variety of famous artists and works of art.


March 23, 2020 – Art Appreciation Kindergarten

March 23, 2020  – Art Appreciation 1st grade

March 24, 2020  – Art Appreciation 2nd grade

March 25, 2020 – Art Appreciation 3rd grade

March 26, 2020 – Art Appreciation 4th Grade

March 27, 2020 – Art Appreciation 5th Grade

Art Show
Chair:   Jen Brennan, Betsy Williamson, Jen Sobel and Ashley Romaglino for 2019-20

Our District Fine Arts Show takes place April 7th, 2020

Under the creative direction of our Sickles and Knollwood art teachers & Art Show chairs, a year's worth of hard work by the entire school district will be displayed in the Knollwood APR and throughout the hallways of the school.

Author Visits
Chair:   Cassie Conley and Kerry Maguire for 2019-2020
Back to School Staff Luncheon
Chair:   PTA Exec Board

Held during Professional Development Days at the beginning of the year, the PTA Board will organize lunch for all faculty and staff at both schools. A great way to show your appreciation for our teachers is to contribute luncheon items to this event that they look forward to every year!

Barnes & Noble Book Fair
Chair:   Liz MacNeil
Beautification - Sickles School
Chair:   Jessica Data for 2019-2020

This committee helps to ensure Sickles school is always looking its best. From the flower pots in front of the schools to the seasonal decorations with the building, this team does it all.

Beautification - Knollwood School
Chair:   Elisa Bertocci Caniero for 2019-2020

This committe helps to ensure Knollwood School is always looking its best. From the flower pots in front of the schools to the seasonal decorations with the building, this team does it all. 

Book Fair: Sickles School
Chair:   Heather Lombardo
Book Fair: Knollwood School
Chair:   Carissa Gaborow
Class Parent Coordinators
Chair:   Ali Kucich (Sickles) 2019-20

Class parent applications are available the Spring before the calendar year. Forms are submitted and the Coordinators meet the week before school to create a roster of parents to serve each school. Two parents per classroom grades Pre-K through 5th, and a team of 3 - 5 parents for grades 6th through 8th. Coordinators ensure messages from the PTA and school administrators are distributed, and that their team of Class Parents are assisting teachers with school functions as needed.

Classroom Libraries
Chair:   Jeanette Hogan for 2019 -2020
Curriculum & Cultural Enrichment
Chair:   Sarah Ward, Jenni Foster, Christine Hayden, Cassie Conley and Kerry Maguire (KW)

Each year, the PTA invests thousands of dollars in Cultural Arts & Curriculum Enrichment programs to enhance the educational experiences of our children. This committee helps select educational programs to be brought into our schools for the benefit of our students. This committee also investigates and evaluates new alternatives for programs that fit within our budget and enhance our curriculum.

Family Fun Activites
Chair:   Deb Todaro and Christine Eberhard for 2019-2020

The Family Fun Committee will be hosting serval family-friendly events this year. 

Family Portrait
Chair:   Kristen Denahan

The Fair Haven PTA partners with local photographers to offer a limited number of portrait sittings and discounted package pricing for it's members every Fall, just in time for holiday cards. Taken at local settings, provided the weather cooperates (portraits are taken indoors if not), for a discounted price you can purchase cards and prints.

This popular fundraiser fills quickly and bookings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Field Days
Chair:   Jen Bennett (S) and Christie Tily and Stephanie Rapp (KW)

Field day is a fun-filled day of games and races and all kinds of fun activities for kids outside in McCarter Park. This event requires many, many volunteers. 

Tasks include, set up and clean up staffing games, organizing refreshments and coordinating the schedule. This is a great volunteer day for Dads and an awesome way to celebrate the end of the school year!

Chair:   Chara Bellincampi and Jessica Data for 2019-2020

Every year in late September, you are guaranteed to see the harbingers of HarvestFest, the scarecrows, lining the streets of Fair Haven. Scarecrow signs are sold to sponsor this annual event held this year on  Oct 5th 2019  from 12:00 - 4:00 on the grounds of Knollwood School. HarvestFest has become a wonderful Fair Haven tradition. It is an afternoon filled with games, pumpkin painting, petting zoo, a D.J., face painting and more.  Other highlights include: the always popular pumpkin decorating contest and an appearance by Fair Haven Marial Arts. Baked goods and various other delicious treats will be available throughout the day. 

Admission is free and all are welcome! Come join us at this fun-filled event.

Holiday Cookie Exchange
Chair:   Kerry Maguire and Christine Hayden for 2019-2020

Question: What could be better than the smell of freshly baked cookies permeating the Sickles hallways in the days leading up to winter break? 

Answer: Nothing, especially if you're a teacher and you know your students and their families made a special batch a holiday treats just for you!

The Sickles Teacher Cookie Exchange takes place December 18, 2019. 

The Knollwood Teacher Cookie Exchange takes place December 19, 2019

Chair:   Meghan Connolly for 2019-2020
Legislative Action
Chair:   Liza Schirick, Lisa Becker, Emily Kuskin and Geri Pagano for 2018-19
Lunch with a VIP
Chair:   Cynda Raffensperger for 2019-2020

The PTA sponsors a special event where Sickles students Grades 1 - 3 are encouraged to have a "Loved One" of their choice come to school to visit with them.  It can be Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa or any other special person. 

Volunteers are needed to help transform the Sickles School and make the magic happen.

This year's dates are May 1st, 2020.

Kindness Matters
Chair:   Ashley Chubrik, Danielle Modica-Jones, and Christine Winig

Prevously called It’s OK 2 B Different

Nominating Committee
Chair:   Board Appointed
PTA Membership
Chair:   PTA Exec Board
School Supplies
Chair:   PTA Exec Board
Teacher Curriculum Support Program (TCSP)
Chair:   Board Appointed

The Teacher Curriculum Support Program (TCSP) is set up to assist teachers with grants for activities, events or items that enhance the student curriculum. All grants are selected and funded by the PTA after being forwarded by the teachers through the school office to the TCSP Committee.

Chair:   Debbie Silva

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