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Fair Haven PTA Flyers

This section serves as your "virtual backpack".  Flyers here will  keep you updated on our various PTA committees' activities.  

Classroom Libraries  
Sickles Summer Reading  
Annual Fundraiser 2017-2018  
2018 Basket List  
2018 Silent Auction List  
Community Fundraising  
RFH English I 2018 Summer Reading  
KW Incoming 8th Grade Summer Reading  
KW Incoming 7th Grade Summer Reading  
KW Incoming 6th Grade Summer Reading  
KW Incoming 5th Grade Summer Reading  
KW Incoming 4th Grade Summer Reading  
RFH 2018 Summer Reading  
Barnes & Noble 2018  
Curriculum & Cultural Enrichment  
SweetBeeBakeshop 10.9.17  
Eighth Grade Dance/Graduation  
8thGrade dance photo _donation reminder letter 1.9.18  
8th Grade dance initial parent letter 11.28.17  
Family Fun Activites  
2018 Water Park  
Gravity Fault 2.25.18  
Bingo 11/4/17  
Field Days  
Sickles Field Day Tie Dye Instructions  
Harvest Fest  
HarvestFest 10.14.17 Boo$$$  
HarvestFest 10.14.17