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Graduation - Monday, June 18th

 Graduation Dance - Monday, June 18th - right after graduation



Dear 8th Grade Parents,

Happy New Year!  At this time, plans to create a memorable graduation experience for our 8th grade students are well underway. In order to properly plan for graduation dance expenses, we need to create a budget based on parent contributions.  Thank you to those 30% of our 8th grade families that have already contributed! To our other families, please consider making your contributions as soon as possible so that we may budget accordingly and make accurate projections as to whether or not additional fundraising initiatives will be required of our students.  To donate via credit card, please click here

Donations can also be made via check to FHPTA and mailed or dropped to Treasurer Jeanette Hogan at 101 Third St.  We ask that all donations be made by 1/31/18.  

We are also looking for digital photos at this time.  We will need digital images for the following items:

  1. Photo Morphing - Our committee will transform the students from Kindergarten to 8th graders using their school photos and a morphing program that digitally melds the two photos together.  Please scan in your child’s Kindergarten photo and submit to the email below. If your child did not attend Sickles for Kindergarten, please send in the photo from the school they attended. If you can not find their Kindergarten photo, please scan their first-grade photo. In order for the morphing program to work, it is necessary to use a school photo.
  2. Video Montage - Submitted photos will be set to music and a digital photobook will be created of our students through the years.  Please submit your favorite photos digitally to the below email address.  Photos submitted may only contain members of the 8th grade class.

When submitting your digital/scanned photos please be sure to send the Kindergarten photo separately from the candid photos.  In your email submissions please include your child’s full name and either “morphing” or “montage” in the subject line.  Submit to all digital/scanned images to

In order to be eligible for Graduation presentations, all photos must be submitted no later than 2/15/18.  These composite videos will be played during the graduation ceremony, the student dance and the parent party. If you have questions regarding photo submissions please contact Photo co-chairs Heather Kaiman or Gail Flammer

Please check the PTA website often for new information and dates to help volunteer.  If you have any questions regarding the dance please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for your support.

Jennie Lucci

8th grade Dance Chair




Here is your 8th Grade Dance Committee Chairs

  • Chairperson - Jennie Lucci
  • Treasurer - Jeanette Hogan
  • Photo/Video Montage - Heather Kaiman and Gail Flammer
  • Fundraising - Jill Sullivan and Karen Gyimesi
  • Decor - Danielle Gasperini
  • Games - Stephanie Bates
  • Food & Beverage - Mary Newman, Lee Clay and Jen Norton
  • Swag Bag - Vicki Cohen and Andrea Leland
  • 7th Grade Volunteers - Rachel Griffin
  • Parent Party - Heather Boyle and Patti Coughlin
  • Entertainment - Laura Samuels